Sock Thoughts: Black & White At The Beach

Hi fans and avid sock-lovers out there! Coming back from a beach vacation, I wanted to share some findings :) Sorry, no pictures though, I was also taking a vacation from technology as much as possible.

While at the beach, I saw a lot, and I mean a lot of black and white crew socks being worn on the boardwalk. Mostly Nike basic socks, that familiar logo standing out again the solid ground. These crew socks were worn by mostly a Millennial and Gen-Z crowd, not surprisingly, and were paired with black or white sneakers. Very bold, very simple, and I loved it.

Other socks I found in display windows were Tabi socks for flip flops and sandal-wearing. (Tabi socks are the ones with a single space for the big toe, and another space that holds the other four toes together). The Tabi socks were white, and merchandised with a black pair of sandals. I thought this was very interesting as well.

Those were my findings, take them as you like! Show off your amazing socks this summer, even at the beach my friends.

Stay Cool Out There,

Jess @ The Sock Review