The Sock Review is a fashion & design blog initiated by industrial designer Jess Doutrich. Started in New York City and fueled by the limitless mountains of Colorado (and now back on the East Coast), The Sock Review is a growing passion project. This blog aims to highlight established and emerging sock brands, innovative thinkers, and sometimes, just some really cool legwear. Jess often finds herself lost in thoughts about needle counts and toe seams, or hovering by the coffee maker. (She prefers a latte, btw!)

The Sock Review is the place to go for sock reviews and sock-product features. Jess works on various sock-related projects outside of the blog - if you have any questions, we're an open book! Want to collaborate? Contact Us through The Sock Review Contact page, we'd love to hear from you. The Sock Review is fueled by a passion for legwear, and to highlight the best of your brand.