STANCE: Socks...and The Force: A Star Wars Collab

A long time ago...well, not really, it was this morning, but...I was searching online for many of my favorite sock brands for "stocking" stuffer ideas, and came across this exciting upcoming collaboration with Stance and yes, the ever-popular Star Wars franchise. With the new film ready to dominate the theaters in December, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it's an exciting time for simultaneous product launches. Looks like Stance will reveal the Jedi-worthy styles on November 30th, 2015, to what they're referencing as "Saber Monday." Gotta love the creativity.

As someone who dressed up as Queen Amidala for Halloween in high school, and played with all the "cool" toys that surfaced every holiday season, I can truly say that I'm very curious to see what Stance has come up with.

Good thing there's only 2 days left to wait...until then, be strong, Padawan. Here's a link to the collection.